The idea of setting up a cats' museum was conceived after the donation by Countess di Montereale Mantica of a huge collection of period images.
This material was added to the collections of the Intenational Cats' Adoption Centre "Badoer" in Venice and has become  very interesting  and large  and in the last 10 years  has increased owing to  further donations  and targeted purchases.





he importance of the material and the large number of works has given the idea of setting up a museum where the works may be seen  not only by visitors, who will certainly arrive, but also by a wider public who might wish to  get to know us through internet.

The Museum, however, is not  concered only with cats, but, through the interest this animal universally  arouses in people, aimes at making people feel and show greater respect  towards nature, the animals and the environment continually threatened by man.



how can't love other animals and nature those who love cats?

To pass on love for animals is possible for everybody by means of a wider knowledge and knowledge is the first step towards respect.

As a seat for our Museum we chose Cattaro (Kotor) in Montenegro, a city on the extreme part of Dalmatia for various reasons: its quietness, charming position and its situation of " ideal city for cats" as the population  is fond of felines.

The Museum has activated the option in order to let all sympathizers  know our works through the web. Actually  a service is active by which  a daily mail is sent  to all those who ask for it, so that all can feel near to us  and receive every day  a different image from our collections.

We warmly thank in advance those who will  send further material to increase our collections  or  propose us  to buy objects of their own.


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